When I was growing up, one of the first meals I learned to cook was pasta. It was easy, versatile and always hit the spot when I was hungry. So I was fascinated to learn that in a recent survey of cooking skills, 35% of people said that they did not know how to make a simple pasta dish.

In this blog, I aim to give you the knowledge you need to cook pasta and start you on the road to creating your own wonderful and delicious pasta dishes.

Soup is a dish that's hard to get wrong. It's nutritious, wholesome, warming and if it doesn't go to plan - just blend it up and it will still be good.

If you have never made soup before I would thoroughly recommend you give it a try - whatever your skill level. However before you begin, here are some handy tips to get the best out of the ingredients you use and turn your soup into something wonderful.

One of the best things about my job is meeting so many people who really enjoy cooking and get a lot out of creating and sharing food, as well as eating it. I spoke to three people who've been on our cookery courses about their home cooking.

Nothing so dramatically changes the taste and texture of a vegetable than roasting it in a hot oven. The dry heat entices the natural sugars to be released and the hot oil caramelises them on the surface, leaving a tasty, golden brown, caramel coating.

The warm aroma of freshly baked bread is almost universally accepted as a smell that inspires a deep sense of happiness and a little mouth-watering. Its origins are as old as the hills and embody everything that is good and wholesome. Perhaps we treasure this experience so much because of how far removed we have become from the simple tradition of regularly baking our own loaves of fresh bread. This basic skill that once was the staple of every household is slowly becoming a footnote in the annals of history, "remember when we used to have to make our own bread". For those of you who are longing to reconnect with your food or just watching your pennies, making your own bread is an extremely satisfying and rewarding experience, and is really quite simple.