Despite its slightly sinister sounding name, there are some great ideas in the draft of the Stanmer Park Master Plan that Brighton & Hove City Council are consulting on.

This week we celebrated the publication of the city's first allotment strategy which sets out the direction of travel for 10 years against a number of key areas.

When I was growing up, one of the first meals I learned to cook was pasta. It was easy, versatile and always hit the spot when I was hungry. So I was fascinated to learn that in a recent survey of cooking skills, 35% of people said that they did not know how to make a simple pasta dish.

In this blog, I aim to give you the knowledge you need to cook pasta and start you on the road to creating your own wonderful and delicious pasta dishes.

24 local projects have received a cash boost totalling £16,200 after this year's Good Food Grants recipients were announced by the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership.

If the recent sunny weather has lured you down to Preston Park you may have noticed changes to our demonstration fruit and vegetable garden.  During the winter, work began to expand the garden to around double the original size. The expansion aims to showcase a different style of growing food which is more low-maintenance than the raised beds we use in the rest of the garden.